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Villas for sale in Fontane Bianche and Syracuse, buy villa in Province of Syracuse

Our portal, offers a vast catalog of villas for sale in Syracuse.

ville_vendita_siracusaWe specialize in the sale of properties in the province of Syracuse in Sicily, with a focus on properties located on the sea areas of the territory of Syracuse.

Our Real Estate Agency is now a reference point for all those who wish to invest, with the purchase of a villa, in one of the locations in the Province of Syracuse.

Today the Agency is proposed as a reference point for all Italian and foreign clients, because we can meet their every demand thanks to the diverse range of carefully selected properties in order to meet their different needs and compatible with every budget: independent villas, beachfront villas, sea view villas, villas with swimming pool, villas in the countryside, historical villas , prestigious villas.

The province of Syracuse in its various surface encloses a vast cultural heritage is therefore a privileged gateway to the knowledge of Sicily and the route taken by Western prehistory to the present.

Syracuse and its hinterland: the area is characterized by vast cultural heritage of Syracuse (leading city of Ancient Greece, then Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Spanish) and its hinterland, where the events of feuds between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , were born as agricultural colonies cities of Floridia, Canicattini Bagni and S. Paul Solarino.

North of Syracuse: the striking contrast between a large industrial conglomerate and some important archaeological sites lying in the same area, the popular religion of Melilli, the port of Augusta and the sea Brucoli, the orange groves of Lentini and Francofonte inland, make up this diverse region north of Syracuse.

ville_vendita_siracusa_03The plateau ibleo: ibleo the plateau, the area inside and mountains of the province of Syracuse, morphologically rocky, marked by cutting deep into the limestone, caves, ancient work is characterized by the presence of the man who over the years has left surprising signs of different civilizations, ancient times.
The economic landscape, urban and contemporary human, evolved in recent decades in a discreet and less traumatic than elsewhere, is still predominantly rural, not loud and pleasant.
The main communities of the plateau: Palazzolo Acreide, Buscemi, Buccheri, Cassaro, Ferla, Sortino, retain considerable cultural cohesion and a clear continuity with the past.
We therefore offer as places of great interest not only in the landscape and archaeological also in terms of ethno-anthropological.

To the south: from Syracuse, along the highway 115 (the ancient Elorina) can be reached Avola, Noto, Rosolini, Pachino, Portopalo: the area south of the Province of Syracuse.
The fertile lands of the gardens of citrus, almonds and wine.
ville_vendita_siracusa_01The sea of the ancient traps and sand reclaimed from the cement, the Mediterranean, the bright light and clear the extreme south of Sicily.
The wild places, enchanting and disturbing, Cava Grande and Castelluccio.
The baroque splendor of Noto.

If you are looking for a villa in Syracuse our Estate Agency will be happy to assist you in the choice of your home, we are at your disposal for all your needs ensuring quality service and professionalism, we also offer technical support, notary and legal in Italy and abroad, able to respond to every need to the fullest safeguard your interests.

We can also offer the necessary assistance to a possible restructuring.

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