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Our portal provides the consulting areas and assistance, in which you can require for free opinions on specific arguments or make generic questions.

You may require, for example:

  • tax calculation for property purchase;
  • calculation Notary fees for real estate purchase;
  • technical opinions on urbanism regularly the purposes of sale;
  • documentation necessary for property purchase;
  • procedures for the purchase of a property by a foreign person;
  • etc. etc.

The consulting arguments to be answered are the following:

  • Real Estate Agent;
  • Notary;
  • Architect;
  • Geometer;
  • Accountant;
  • generic questions

Fill the form and choose the argument of your interest, we will reply you in the shortest possible time and we thank you for consulting us.

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Best price guarantee
It often happens that the owner of a property to be sent to sell to more Real Estate Agencies, or advertise the property privately and when he decides to change the selling price you forget to communicate it who has for sale the property, with the consequence of having the same property online a different prices with great confusion of customers who see advertisements.
Lowest price guarantee means that if you find the same property online at a sale price lower and you want to use, in any case, of our professional Real Estate Agency services, we guarantee that la purchase bargaining will start from the lowest price you found.